June 2011

Hey guys, I Just wanted to let you know that my blog entries may become a little far and few between over the next few months as I get everything prepared for the family to make the move to California next weekend. I really need to prioritize my time which will mean less time behind my computer screen and more time doing what needs to be done to get this body into contest shape.

Training is going really well, I think this is mainly due to the fact that I have been sticking so rigidly to my pre-planned routine of exactly what time I train do cardio and eat. It definitely helps that Chris is 100% supportive. Prepping for a competition when you have kids has to be a team effort or there is no way it would work, well not for me anyway.

We just got home this afternoon from the Gold Coast, Australia where we went for Carlos’s 6th Birthday. It lasted 5 fun filled days and he made sure he told anyone & everyone we met along the way that it was his Birthday, it was very cute. I have totally enjoyed taking some time off competing and just enjoying my family, it’s so time consuming getting ready for a competition and it’s been the best thing for me both physically & mentally having the break. My once tired and stressed body feels ready to tackle another competition now, and I really can’t wait to get into shape!