May 2011

It’s been a very eventful and productive last few days and I am totally excited to finally have my DVD digital download available now on my website. It’s already been super popular and I hope that if you have bought it that you have enjoyed watching it! If you check out my site you will also see I have introduced a brand new ‘Member-ship area’. It is free to subscribe and you will be able to get a bunch of free stuff there because I know you all love free stuff!

At the beginning of the year I wrote down my goals as I always do. Some are huge and might seem some-what unattainable to those that don’t understand the power that comes with writing down your goals.

This is a cute & funny story that happened today that I wanted to share with you to make you smile.

I wanted to write a blog tonight because I have had allot going on that I wanted to tell you about. But when I sat down to write it I couldn’t put it into creative words so I’m just going to list everything as I remember it.

Well I was scheduled to leave for The Pittsburgh Pro tomorrow (Wednesday) but after a visit to my Doctor, I took his advice and made the tough call to cancel my competition plans and concentrate on my getting my health back on track. This was not an easy decision, I have spent the past couple of months preparing for this show and it feels a little sad when you can’t quite make the finish line.