March 2011

Oh my goodness I don’t even know where to start. Basically it’s been non-stop events since The Melbourne Pro show and there are no signs of it slowing down anytime soon! I have spent the past 2 days filming a training DVD. The basic training clips will be free to watch on my website and on you tube. I will also be offering the entire DVD as a download on my website for a small fee, which will include tips on my training, diet, supplements and cardio styles. We are also in the process of getting it onto iTunes which will be really cool. I’m totally excited about this because the quality will be just as good if not better than the clip from The NZ Pro Show.

Wow it has been a full on week since arriving back from Melbourne. We made it to pick up the kids from School at 3pm only just, by going from the airport straight to School with our luggage and all, then it was full swing into Mummy mode until the kids were in bed, and I could take finally some time to relax and unpack. Tuesday was a photo shoot all day which was long and tiring but one of the necessary things to do around contest time. Wednesday I did a radio interview for ‘Radio Sports live’ which was really fun, and Thursday Erin Stern & I filmed a segment for the NZ TV Show ‘The Crowd Goes Wild’ which was totally fun and aired throughout the entire weekend on various channels so we got to see it more than once which was super cool. If you didn’t see the clip click on the link below:

I am sitting on the plane heading back to NZ reflecting on the past 6 weeks and the outcome of my placing at The Melbourne Pro Classic. It felt like such an accomplishment making it to the stage let alone taking 4th place and I am so happy that I pushed on with my contest prep even though it seemed like everything in my body was telling me I needed to take a break. Sometimes it’s (mind over matter) I want to be in control of my body, not my body to be in control of me. This contest prep certainly wasn’t what I had planned or expected but my positive thinking along with my bowl full of supplements for (Adrenal fatigue) 3 times a day and my eternally supportive husband, helped me pull though and not only did I manage to compete, but I got my best placing in a Pro Show so far!