February 2011

The last 4 weeks have been very challenging, I have had no energy to do even the smallest of tasks, little to no appetite, and it got to the point that I didn’t even have the energy to get up in the morning (although of course I did) training was the hardest mission on the planet! And the worst part was, I was so tired but I couldn’t sleep. Finally we decided that I should see a doctor to rule out chronic fatigue or just to find out what the heck was going on with me.

I have realized that I have developed a pattern over the past year of competing. Always about 3 weeks out from a competition, I go into ‘freak out mode’. I worry that I’m not going to be ready in time for the competition, that I’m not good enough and that I am compromising my role as a Mother to compete in this sport. I feel like I’m spending too much time in the gym on a daily basis and I find myself wondering if it’s worth the sacrifice or if I am sacrificing too much for not enough.

Normally I do my 1st cardio session on an empty stomach before the kids wake up which means I'm getting up at 5.20am. But for the past couple of weeks I have just been so unbelievably tired that I feel like my body would benefit more from more sleep. So I am weight training at about 9am. From this week I am increasing my cardio to 1 hour which I do straight after training, then another 1 hour cardio session about 4pm.

My children have loved their first week at school. Dior-Rose wasn’t happy yesterday morning because she feels she’s been at kindy for 2 days already and now she’s ready to move up to year 8 with Annaliese, and can’t understand why this can’t happen immediately! She is such a funny little thing. When she gets an idea in her head it’s hard to change her mind, I like that she is strong willed, not so much now, but it will help her later in life. I am so happy they are enjoying School, as parents you want your children to be happy and knowing they are enjoying their days means I can enjoy my days and having the extra hours is so amazing and gives me time to get so much more done! It’s only 5 weeks until the Australian Pro show, I decided yesterday to get a new suit made by passion fruit design, getting a new suit made is half the fun for me so it’s got to be done or what’s the point in competing. After-all I only do it to wear the gorgeous blinged out bikini’s