January 2011

Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote for me in the Fit Gems “International competitor of the year competition’. Although I did not win, I was very happy to come a close second to Rosa Romero. The on-line ceremony stated that quote: “It became a two-lady voting war between Rose-Marie and Rachelle. The most competitive of all the categories, But in the end...Rose-Marie Romero of AUSTRALIA won it in a close one! So I was a happy Girl and wish her the best of luck competing in the Arnold Classic coming up in March.

It’s been such a full on week and I have tried more than once to sit down and write a diary entry but have been unable to finish for one reason or another. Always child related, it feels like I haven’t been able to sit for more than 30 seconds uninterrupted without one or more of the kids screaming for me to do something for them.

So this blog may seem a little uncreative as I have decided to just list the high lights of my week rather than make it into an interesting story, because I just can’t seem to find that creative writers flow tonight, but I do want to fill you in on my hectic week so here goes!

We had a great break away in Fiji but it’s definitely nice to be home and getting back into training and routine with the kids again. Not to mention getting back on track with my eating, even with the best of intentions it can be difficult to eat what you know you should be eating when on holiday, and ice-cream just tastes so good on a hot summer day! Now I’m back on track and feeling like I’m on my way back down on the scales.

The glutes and thighs are problem areas for most women, as this is where we tend to gain weight & store fat. Unfortunately this is also the area which is the last place to loose fat. Nothing works the glutes better than these 4 exercises, they have been around for ages because they work. Lunges can be a little tough for newcomers, so if you’re just starting out and your goal is to tone up, then high reps with low weights is best.

Being in Fiji has been such a great way to start the New Year. Fiji is basically a home away from home for us and somewhere that we have spent allot of time over the past 10 years. This year we will be building a beach front holiday home on land here in ‘Naisoso Island’.