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Hey guys its been a long time coming but finally my website is in the early stages of being revamped and a whole lot of new content added foccussing on 'Health & Fitness during pregnancy'. 

In addition to being a advocate of Health & Fitness, my most important role is being a Mother to my 4 children, Annaliese 17yrs, Dior-Rose 9yrs, Carlos 10yrs & Kingston 9 months. I am super excited that I am also due to have another baby boy in June this year which will not only mean that I will have 5 children, but that there is only a crazy 10 months between both my yougest babies! I look forward to sharing my journey with you and helping you to be the best that you can be! 

You can still check out my Competition, media, modelling, behind the scene video clips, magazine covers and various other galleries.

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About Me

My back ground is in Modelling, I did my first fashion show when I was just 5yrs old and continued right through until I switched from fashion modeling to fitness modeling in 2008! Being a fitness model is a lifestlye and one that is filled with highly motivated, successful & happy people. I am very fortunate to be able to work in an industry that I am so passionate about. 
I am an International Fitness & Cover Model and have been blessed to have landed 12 Magazine covers to date. I write for several high profile International Fitness Magazines and last but not least I am a Professional IFBB Figure Athlete, New Zealand's 1st female ever to compete at The presitigious Figure Olympia in Las Vegas in 2011. I am sponsored by Europes number 1 sports nutrion brand Myprotein, and I am excited to be working alongside this brand as they launch into the USA and are quickly becoming one of the Worlds largest nutrition companies.




About Me

I have always lived outside of the box, I’m naturally drawn to risk taking, impulsive behaviour and setting myself what often seem to be impossible goals. I like to push the limits & boundaries of what I believe to be true in life to see just what really is possible. In the case of competing I find it fascinating how much we can actually handle.

Often we under estimate ourselves and what is possible.   For me personally Its been incredible to learn that my body hasn’t needed as much sleep, as much food or as much rest as I would have thought it would. 

That’s not to say I wouldn’t have preferred to have more of those things, but I have learnt that if it’s not something you can control, then you make do with what you have, and more often than not it’s enough.



I'm due in June for my 5th baby!

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